I am available to speak to community members about a range of mental health topics.  I offer formal presentations as well as more informal discussions in a variety of contexts such as schools, parent groups, physicians’ offices, churches, treatment centers, and other community organizations.

Below is a sample list of past presentations: 

Common Sense Rules:  A Guide to Parenting with a Warm Heart and a Cool Head  

Contemporary Perspectives on Bullying

Crises and Disasters in Schools:  Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Girl Talk: Fashion, Feelings, Friends & More 

Navigating Academic Pressure:  Raising Children in an Achievement-Oriented Culture

Releasing the Pressure: Managing Anger Difficulties in School Settings 

Sexual Development & Youth:  Are We Uncomfortable Yet? 

Substance Abuse & Stress:  A Family Experience

Techy Tweens: Introducing Youth (and Parents!) to Social Media

When Bad Things Happen:  Community Disaster Preparedness and Response

Feel free to contact me for additional information about topics, fees or to schedule a talk.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is intended to provide information about the services offered by Dr. Engel, and should not be used as a substitute for professional psychological advice or care.